Am I Suitable to be a Franchisor?

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"Am I Suitable to be a Franchisor" - by Miles Agmen-Smith

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Not only should your business be franchisable but you should be the right person to run a franchise operation. The types of skills which are required will depend on the nature of the franchise business and its structure.  Skills that you will need as a franchisor include:

  • Good management skills – being able to run your operation in a smooth and efficient manner while dealing with the operational matters which require your attention
  • A willingness to commit substantial amounts of time and funding to ensure the initial and ongoing success of the franchise system
  • Good communication skills – the ability to communicate with people of all types in a clear and efficient manner is essential
  • An ability to motivate others – being able to instil in others the same passion you have for your business system and to promote and market
  • Being a provider of good training – an ability to train or provide others to train franchisees and their staff how to use and operate your business system
  • Being able to make an ongoing commitment once the system is established to provide long term support for the system and its people, to monitor performance of the system, create marketing initiatives, provide further training and to assist franchisees to achieve success
  • Having a good understanding of your business, and an ability to develop a good understanding of franchising

If you are considering franchising your business talk to us at ASCO Legal.  We are highly experienced franchising advisers.

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