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The share of the New Zealand economy represented by franchised businesses is now very large and continues to grow. Many businesses, both large and small, use franchising for all, or part of their operations. They range from banks and some of our biggest corporates to home services businesses. A high proportion of business carried out by small to medium businesses in New Zealand is carried out through franchised outlets.

Franchising is a way of doing business and is spread across many different types of business activities. It offers great advantages, allowing growth, leverage, greater brand power and marketing benefits as well as cost and risk spreading. It also offers an ability to harness the drive and energies of individual business owners as a team.

Buying a business as a franchisee can have many advantages including allowing the buyers to be in business while having systems and guidelines to follow.

With our very wide industry knowledge and experience to draw on, the team at ASCO is well placed to work with our clients to develop business models and solutions and to get into franchising in ways that work best for our clients.

Our Services include:

  • Development of new franchise systems;
  • Franchising existing businesses;
  • Review and upgrade of existing franchise systems and structures;
  • Preparation of all documents including:
    • franchise agreements;
    • master franchise agreements;
    • applications and consents;
    • confidentiality agreements;
    • disclosure documents;
  • Brand name and IP protection;
  • Operations manual advice (and preparation assistance in consultation with you as Franchisor and with your specialist consultants);
  • Import of foreign franchise systems, including master licensing and adaptation of existing documentation;
  • Export of franchises including documentation, intellectual property protection, master licensing and advice and facilitation;
  • Specialist industry compliance and best practice advice including compliance with FANZ requirements;
  • Performance issues and disputes;
  • Leasing and premises;
  • Employment and contractors' agreements and advice;
  • Terms of trade and other trading documents.
We work with businesses in many different fields.