Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Protection of your business identity (and making sure you have the right to use that identity) is essential, right from the very start. So is the protection of the systems, methods, products and all the other things you develop in the course of that business, especially IT, databases, customer details and all the other key items you develop.

Your brand name and image are the vital means by which your business is identified and made to stand out from all its competitors amd catches the attention of customers. Vital items to protect include trademarks, know how, brand names, patents, domain names, product designs, copyright and confidentiality. These are or become essential elements of your business and its value and are core parts of its intellectual property and value.

It is essential that you take steps to protect this intellectual property and are in the best position possible to discourage and defend yourself against threats to what you have and own, including your reputation.

There are further business opportunities also: for example the intellectual property you own may also be something which you may be able to obtain extra value from by way of licensing or royalty agreements with others: in New Zealand and elsewhere.

Before you launch a brand it is also important that you obtain advice on brand name availability so that you can be sure that your use of that brand does not infringe anyone else's intellectual property rights in respect of that brand.  A little research beforehand can save you much time, money and embarrassment afterwards.

ASCO Legal can advise and assist you with:

  • Brand name availability searches;
  • Advice as to whether a particular brand name is able to be registered;
  • Registration and renewal of trademarks;
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights;
  • Brand name and IP protection;
  • Assignment, licensing and acquisition/disposition of intellectual property rights;
  • Protecting trade secrets and other commercial information;
  • Numerous other intellectual property requirements.

If you'd like to learn more about intellectual property and how you can protect your business, you can contact us here.